Embodied voices: embedding contemporary afro-braziliam women Wiriters - Aino Rinhaug

Aino Rinhaug 
Department of Literature, Area Studies and European Languages
(ILOS), University of Oslo, Oslo, Norway
Version of record first published: 20 Jun 2012.

The present contribution seeks to examine the works of a selected number of
contemporary Afro-Brazilian women writers and activists. From the way these
voices have contributed to the advancement of the Black movement in Brazil 
especially since the 1980s  particular attention will be given to the way the body
figures both a central topic as well as an agent of their work. The overall
assumption is that the body (both material and metaphorical) becomes a dynamic
site of aesthetic, political, and environmental negotiations, and poetry and
literature function as a social practice. By looking at how a new view on bodily
cognition and discourse can prove decisive for the reconfiguration of political
categories (identity, subjectivity, gender, and race), the assumption is that a novel
notion and poiesis of the Afro-Brazilian self can be teased out from these works.

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